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The “I Wish That Was Me”s

best of street style ss2014-london5 best of street style ss2014-london11 best of street style ss2014-londonThe marathon is over now, and what we’re left with is 1) a Marc Jacobless Louis Vuitton, 2) a surprisingly bad Rodarte collection that showed us even going strong after several years, you can mess it up, 3) new lessons in using color in minimal style, taught by Phoebe Philo, 4) we can keep on wearing sandals, as confirmed by many, 5) gold is MAJOR, 6) I still don’t like Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent, or his drama queen behaviour, 7) we should invest our money in brick, grey and blue, 8) feathers are cool.

Another gift fashion santa brought us this month, because we were so good, is street style photos that will run for at least 6 months. Which means for the upcoming months, we – the late bloomers – will go through the same batch of photos over and over again everytime we shop or get dressed. And every single time, we will wish we were them. And since it’s impossible to be all of them (physically and materially) we will be sad. Starting right here, right now: my favourite looks from the fashion weeks!



best of street style ss2014-newyork5 best of street style ss2014-newyork10



best of street style ss2014-london3 best of street style ss2014-london12 best of street style ss2014-london18 best of street style ss2014-london16



best of street style ss2014-milan3 best of street style ss2014-milan12 best of street style ss2014-milan8



best of street style ss2014-paris4 best of street style ss2014-paris12 best of street style ss2014-paris17 best of street style ss2014-paris20 best of street style ss2014-paris23

best of street style ss2014-paris6 best of street style ss2014-paris15 best of street style ss2014-paris19image sources:, the cut, harper’s bazaar,, w magazine, wayne tippetts, the sartorialist, collage vintage, the urban spotter,, team peter stigter, stockholm street style, a love is blind, vanity fair


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