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Last Of Summer

tfmpinafore7.jpg tfmpinafore5.jpg tfmpinafore11.jpg“Is it summer, is it fall?” “Oh hey it’s winter today.” are some of the stuff you are most likely to hear in the mornings at Montreal homes. It was 15 degrees when I arrived back here in July, it was around 25 all August, then it was 8 degrees for some time and then it was 27 the next day. I would have said it’s a miracle I don’t get sick but unfortunately I can’t because I actually am sick because of the freaky weather. Anyways, according to the Weather Network and TWC (my best friends) these are the last days of summer-fall, soon it will be winter-fall which I normally love but here it’s the messenger of the horrible winter so before I start mourning, I figured “overalls: now or never”.

PS: in the third photo I really am looking for my boobs which were supposed to fill in the dungarees, then my hands came to the rescue.

tfmpinafore4.jpg tfmpinafore6.jpgtfmpinafore3.jpg tfmpinafore8.jpg tfmpinafore10.jpg tfmpinafore13.jpgBlack long sleeved top Oysho (get similar here, here and here)

White denim dungarees Vintage (get similar here, here and here)

Plaid shirt Topshop (get similar here, here and here)

Pointy toe flats Topshop (get similar here, here, here, here and here)

B&W sunglasses Zara (get similar here, here and here)


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