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Angry Birds in Paris

feathers in paris 4 feathers in paris Lily GatinsActually they don’t look angry at all (till you see the third photo), it looks super duper sweet, fluffy, cuddly – and yeah I have a feather fetish. Every girl (me), no matter how masculine she is (I am), has a soft spot for something that is extremely unexpected of her (me) and mine are feathers. Feather gilets, jackets, hats, feathers on shoes, feather scarves, feathers on hems of stuff. Everything that is generally associated with Turkish singers with horrible stage style. So I would like to use this opportunity to show all my family members + friends that the problem is our zestless people. When people in Paris do it, it looks like THIS.

And while we are on the subject, how perfect is the second look?! That hair, that sweater which I believe ends with feathers or is teamed up with a feather skirt – doesn’t matter it just looks amazing! (Edit: it’s Dries Van Noten you idiot)

Vanessa Friedmanfeathers in paris8 feathers in paris2 feathers in paris6feathers in paris9 feathers in paris7 feathers in paris5image sources: the cut, vogue, le21ieme, a love is blind, vogue paris,, vogue australia


  1. I play a game in my cellphone named angry bird, But this time i am looking angry birds on roads. Nice idea. Great work

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