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Kate The Great

kate moss 90s10 kate moss 90s14 kate moss 90s38You’ve probably already seen the winter cover of i-D featuring one of the best winks of all time, Kate Moss looking at us through her 1995 Calvin Klein ad photographed by Craig McDean. If you haven’t seen the cover, or didn’t care about it, or you don’t even recognize that photo – I recommend don’t waste your time reading the rest of the post because it’s purely about worshipping Kate Moss and my sacred book is made of her photos from 90’s.

Today, after a friend told me that her friend saw and met Kate Moss at a house party in Istanbul couple of days ago (?!?!?!, right??) I suddenly had a rush of feelings, I remembered how crazy I was for Kate Moss. And not just during my childhood, in 2006 when I was studying German at Goethe Institut in Bonn, they asked us to tell a story about our icon. When I finished my short paragraph about Kate the Great, people were looking at me blankly. First I thought it was my awful German, but then I realized nobody knew her. NOBODY! That’s probably one of the main reasons I’ve hated German and didn’t continue the courses. Something like that would never happen in a French course, right?

Then there was another era around 2004, where the “Kate Moss style” made its peek (it was also the time the world met Sienna Miller and the rumor that Kate Moss and Sienna Miller hated each other because they were it-girl-enemies was the most talked about issue on The Fashion Spot) and there were litte Kate Mosses everywhere in my closet. Almost a decade later and I look nothing like her, but I still swear at Mango windows everytime I walk by them because they replaced her with Miranda Kerr. I don’t care if the sales have gone up high after that, you can not replace Kate with anyone else, let alone a flatfaced Victoria’s Secret model. Even Kate Middleton and her gorgeous wedding gown couldn’t change the fact that there is only one Kate in London, and for me on the face of the earth.

I’m dedicating this friday to my immortal icon, the girl who was so strongly different that now her different became everybody’s same. Maybe the reason I got in fashion, still the reason of my diets, and always the reason of believing the charm of silence.

kate moss 90s

kate moss 90s11

kate moss 90s24

kate moss 90s26

kate moss 90s39

kate moss 90s22

image source: pinterest


  1. Your post is really good, thak you for the photo gallery. She was mi icon too when I started being interested in fashion, since I was 14, she was really a model to follow, and she is still nowadays. Thanks again for this entry !!!

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  3. slyonthewall says

    Love this post-it reminded me of when I was at high school when she Kate hit the big time!

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