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Girl Crush: Chiara Totire

Black and White, Outside Armani chiara totire13 chiara totire14Move over Ferragni, we have a new favourite Chiara now. Actually I have never been a fan or follower of Chiara Ferragni (my admiration for her freakish success aside) (and we once stood side to side, you have no idea how tall and beautiful she is) so this is my first and last Chiara crush, you might say. I actually noticed her first in february, when I saw her face in street style photos one after another. Her super Italian face&hair, complemented by her wonderful physique and laid back, edgy and masculine style made me smitten. As far as I know from internet and All The Pretty Birds blog, she is a stylist assistant and’s newest it girl. With her own words, her style is “unconventionally classic/minimal, with a touch of rock”. I don’t think anything but her beauty is classic but I know that I love rock n’ roll. And if I was still living in Milan, I could be her very own little stalker.

chiara totire12 chiara totire11 chiara totire3 chiara totire5ChiaraTotire8 chiara totire4 chiara totire8 chiara totire2 chiara totire15 chiara totire10ChiaraTotire5 chiara totire7 chiara totireChiaraTotire2 ChiaraTotire3image sources: gastro chic, vogue,, silvia olsen photography, harper’s bazaar,, le21ieme, citizen couture, all the pretty birds, the urban spotter, vanessa jackman, a love is blind


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    I want to put every single pic of her on Pinterest for daily inspiration…

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