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Isabel Marant pour H&M

isabel marant pour h&m isabel marant pour h&m2 isabel marant pour h&m5Ok, this collection looks good. We all want to get a piece and wear over and over till we satisfy our inner super cool French chick. But there is one thing on my mind ever since I first heard about the collaboration and it’s about time I’m gonna come out and be (probably) the first fashion blogger to shout “the emperor has no clothes!” – which is ironic because in this case the problem is clothes being present, and being present for a long time.

A lot of people are still freaking out about the new Isabel Marant pour H&M collection of which the first collection photos got released today (and which is absurdly expensive, even for a designer collab) but the first thing I thought was: haven’t I seen all of these clothes before? Like last season? And isn’t H&M (as well as other high street brands, especially Mango) shamelessly (we all take partnership in that shame) copy Isabel Marant so obviously that by this time we already know what we are getting from H&M the day we see the runway of madame Marant? I mean I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen that red jacket in the third photo at my local H&M store 3 months ago, the first blouse is actually on sale right now, that burgundy waxed cigarette and side embellished white jeans have at least tried by one out of every three women entering H&M and we all already own the jacket and the fringe boots in the second photo.

I think after the failed Maison Martin Margiela collab and the horrible accessory *thing* with Anna Dello Russo, they wanted to go in a direction with more wearable clothes that will boom the sales but if you ask me, the key was either to surprise the crowd or go for low, reasonable prices. With these circumstances I think only collab freaks and fashion victims who would die for the brand name behind the “pour H&M” would want to get a piece. Only the studded pumps and accessories interest me at this point.

isabel marant pour h&m3 isabel marant pour h&m4 isabel marant pour h&m6image source: the fashion spot


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  2. So true! And it also doesn’t seem like Isabel Marant designed anything new, it all looks like pieces from old collections.
    P.S. Where did you find the prices?

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more, it seems like people will only buy these pieces for the Marant name, its sad that they didnt make it more affordable though

  4. I really like your blog, I have just started one and I would like you to follow me if you want…by the way I love mark H&M a few days ago I was out shopping here, but the truth the only thing that I like in this collection are the boots and even so sure that they are nothing affordable because they are of Isabel Marant. A greeting 😀

  5. Thank you! I saw the clothes yesterday and noticed the same thing. I mean, I think the clothes are really pretty but we have literally already seen this. I feel like at this point, it’s borderline insulting that they are producing this. Did you notice they made the EXACT, SAME Rennell jeans (with navajo embroderies) except for men, so… apparently it’s a different collection.

    I love Isabel Marant (as does everyone else, no?) and also really like H&M, but I just can’t wrap my head around this…

    • Marny says

      Why would you expect clothing thats completely unheard of? Especially as H&M is more famous for amazing staples. The creativity in clothing comes from HOW its worn. You want pieces that are exactly like this, interesting enough to stand out, but not crazy. Anything that has never been seen before would be sure to be unwearable. In fact give me one example of an item that has never been seen before, yet is going to be perfect for the closet of many, many people? And where do you see any prices? That said its not for me; Mostly because all lower waist pants bore me to tears. I am not real interested in looking like Emmanuelle Alt for the eleventh year in a row in her low rise skinnies and impossible to walk in heels. I am looking for a new silhouette, so maybe its a point for you. However, i absolutely love the fringed boots with the pointy triangle heels. And the dress looks lovely.

      • No, no, no. I get what you’re saying, but what I mean is they could at least have designed different pieces. Isabel Marant designs all year long, and all year long she creates new clothes, even if the pants and the skirts and the t-shirts are the same, the concept of each collection is different, thus, the pieces end up being different. I’m not expecting them to create Comme des Garçons silhouettes, but at the very least I would have like to see new prints, or combinations of prints on clothing, that don’t exactly mirror products that have already been produced by both Isabel Marant and H&M.

        The idea behind these collaborations is for regular people to have access to a designer’s imaginary. But we’ve already had access to this specific imaginary because Isabel Marant already produced this and when she produces H&M almost always “emulates”. So, what’s the point in buying something that was already “emulated” by H&M, at a higher price point?

        The prices are here:—full-collection-photos-2013.

      • I get both of your points but personally i have to agree with S.E. Of course we can’t expect from her or any other designer to create a groundbreaking collection for a collab, but the key is to render the aesthetic of the brand with the high street appeal. For all the previous collabs of H&M we can say that this was present. For example Marni used its signature prints and textures but NOT the exact same clothes as the Marni collection. Alber Elbaz took the frills and the drama of Lanvin and created a low scale, more fun collection for H&M. Maison Martin Margiela took a tour in the archives and recreated their most anticipated pieces. All they had in common was a new interpretation of the brand’s essence. What Isabel Marant did is basically offering the same clothes in her collection under the H&M label – which would be ok to get them relatively lower priced than usual IF H&M and other high street brands hadn’t been already doing that for us. I think this collab was all wrong from the beginning, Isabel Marant’s style code is pretty solid: wearable, desirable, parisian. Same prints, same cuts, same fabrics. And critics started to say that she is starting to repeat herself – so it is unreasonable to think that she would create something different for H&M. You can check my twitter acount and see my tweet from when they first announced the collab, I said we will be buying the same stuff just with an Isabel Marant label. And I wasn’t wrong. Don’t get me wrong I think she is great and I’m greatful for her designs but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a bad collab collection. I think if H&M can do a collab with Dries Van Noten or Alexander Wang (both is known to set trends but they upgrade their game every season and come up with new fabrics, cuts or styling ideas without giving up their style codes) it would be great.

  6. Fantastic post! A lot of people from where I from love to buy designer items just for the name. I completely agree with what you said. The collection seem repetitive especially for the outrageous pricing. I think this wasn’t a good move for Isabel Marant or H&M. Very disappointing. xx

  7. pascalekey says

    I totally agree with you. There is nothing original about this collection. How can a store like H&M, supposed to be presenting high fashion at a lower price, be selling an Isabel Marrant collection at the actual price of Isabel Marant line.

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