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Trussardi S/S 2014

MARC0141.450x675 MARC0356.450x675 MARC0419.450x675I was really sad when Ümit Benan, my hero of menswear inspired clothing, left Trussardi hours after I posted its new collection on my blog and glorified him; because he was doing an amazing job and it finally felt like he found himself. But as I understood from his tweets it seems like he wasn’t comfortable there after all, so he left and the fashion house almost simultaneously replaced him with Gaia Trussardi, founder Dante’s great grand daughter. She was already the designer of Tru Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans but of course a resumé like that is not enough to prove you can handle the big gun as well. Long story short; her debut collection was received well, not setting off fire works but still ok for a rookie. I think the biggest reason people wanted to embrace the collection was because it beared the traces of Benan masculinity and Trussardi’s leather craftsmanship heritage. The inspiration, American road trip, was too obvious at times (especially if you think an American road trip should be towards south and south only) but still as a whole it was a well crafted collection that showed some promise.

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  2. Serenity says

    I love the dress with the deep neckline(I guess you would say ?). It is very different But then I wear a lot of long dresses, so I guess that is why I was drawn to that one. Would you say it is a maxi dress maybe or is it something totally different?

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