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Seeing Spots

black white polka dots in milan Sportmax ss2014Makes sense though, to feel dizzy trying to keep up with fashion month. Everyday checking the web, twitter and pinterest 3894723 times, not to miss one moment, one outfit, one detail or one gossip at all. But the spots I’m seeing aren’t exclusive to me, and it looks like they are here to stay for a while.

To be honest, polka dot isn’t my favourite. Actually it may be my least favourite. The competition is fierce; stripes, geometrical, abstract, floral, digital (that’s another least favourite as well), houndstooth, plaid (oh plaid), zigzag, tropical, grid, leopard (^_^), paisley, vintage and artpiece prints. And then there’s polka dot.

As a child I always assigned genders to numbers, letters and shapes. For example 6 and E are definately girls whereas 1 and G are men (don’t ask why). Same thing with polka dot, it’s a woman. It’s Betty Boop. It’s pin-up. It’s pop-art. That’s why, we have never been good friends (I am not besties with a lot of women either, I don’t have so many girls night outs but give me a football match, I’m there). But I have to be objective, and this has nothing to do with the super cool Sportmax S/S 2014 collection or Daria Shapovalova’s insane gray minimal coat layering (click through the see the look right after the jump), polka dots are having their moment.

gray polka dot giovanna battaglia polka dots Sofia Guellaty grey polka dots polka dot umbrella Creatures of Comfortimage sources:, w magazine, harpers bazaar, the cut, wayne tippetts, popsugar


  1. I’m with you, dots aren’t my favorite but I have to say the when they are printed on a large scale they give me a graphic & modern feel to an old vintage twist! Oh and have to be in black and white!

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