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Sacred Knees

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? knee length skirts4 knee length skirts7Most probably everybody but me in the fashion world got a memo that says knee caps shall be hidden at all times during fashion week. Afterall it was kind of sacred throughout history; it’s above the knee you’re slutty, it goes a few inches longer and suddenly you are the perfect lady. And when the epitome of ladylike dressing meets with crop tops and oversized sweaters and are supported with heels, even I am in. If Yasmin Sewell and Ada Kokosar are wearing it, I am more in.

Unlucky for me I can’t include oxfords or birkenstocks in this equation; given that I’m only 5’3″, I seriously look like a dwarf. That’s actually why I cropped all my knee length skirts to become minis, so I could wear them daily. And that’s why I regret not just keeping only one as it was, now that I apparently need to get some.

??????????????????????????knee length skirts31 knee length skirts27 knee length skirts26 knee length skirts22 ???????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? knee length skirts24 knee length skirts25 knee length skirts14 knee length skirts13 knee length skirts12 knee length skirts11 knee length skirts16 knee length skirts17 knee length skirts18 knee length skirts20 knee length skirts15 knee length skirts10 knee length skirts9 knee length skirts8 knee length skirts6 knee length skirts5 knee length skirts2 knee length skirts knee length skirts19image sources: wayne tippetts, the sartorialist, harper’s bazaar, le21ieme, stockholm street style, the cut, w magazine, vogue, team peter stigter, lee oliveira,, refinery29


  1. Stop caring about whether some idiots think you are a “slut”. This neo-Victorian prudery should be just ignored by any self-confident woman. I love minis, period.

  2. Poshlist says

    I can relate, I always end up donating or giving things away only to find them back “in” a couple of years (or even months) later. At least I have company in my frustration!

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