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Back To School

tfmbts2tfmbts3.jpg tfmbts.jpgNot your regular school uniform though, not with the lace shirt and white cage heels (I hope not, at least). But I feel like I’m back in high school whenever I wear mini flare skirts. Actually I loved wearing my high school skirt so much that I wanted to keep on wearing it for quite some time after I graduated. Now, almost a decade later, I can break the dressing code and wear my fanciest shoes and see through shirts with it. That’s right mean deputy manager of our floor, who’s the boss now?!

Btw, for this shooting we had the most lovely guest star, very eager to participate and cuddle. I can’t complain.

tfmbts4.jpg tfmbts5.jpgLace cropped shirt Topshop (get similar here and here)

Denim jacket vintage Levi’s (get similar here, here and here)

Velvet black flare skirt Forever21 (get similar here, here , here and here)

White cage heels ASOS (get similar here, here , and here)

Mirrored sunglasses Topshop (get similar here, here and here)


  1. culturemisfit says

    Oooh , I like . The jacket gives you like a 50s cool kid look. Your guest star is adorable.

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