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The New Breed

Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_6 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_10 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_9Maartje, Irina, Katya, Sasha, Caroline, Maud, Elisabeth, Ondria, Esther, Kirstin, Anna, Elise, Kristine , Maddison, Fei Fei, Vanessa, Pauline and Malaika

by Patrick Demarchelier

for Interview September 2013

Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_1 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_2 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_3 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_4 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_5 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_7 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_8 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_11 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_12 Interview_September_2013_The_New_Breed_13source: visual optimism


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  2. Serenity says

    These fashions are different, unique and intriguing! What would you call that top in the first picture? I MUST have one! Thanks 🙂 Have a great weekend, girl!

    • Serenity says

      Thanks, dear. That will give me something to go on. I will see what I can dig up. Thanks again. Have a good oneツ

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