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The Circus

thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle12.jpg thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle7.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle9.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle8.jpg So it finally happened; despite all my gut feeling telling me that I would hate it, I went to join the crowd of New York Fashion Week today at Milk Studios. I didn’t have any invitation because I never applied for one, I attended almost every show when I was studying back in Milan and as fun as that was, I still believe that fashion shows are just for fashion industry insiders (call me old-fashioned) (get the word play there?).

I was in New York anyway for US Open, and since I was here already I thought why not take a look at the scene a little. I think it’s fair to say that Suzy Menkez was complimenting the crowd when she called it a fashion circus. It was probably the most pretentious and artificial bevy of people I’ve ever seen. I know, you are going to tell me that I work in fashion and I should have known it by now but still; when I saw that god knows who girls (and I know the face of every single important editor in the world) strolling down the pavement as if it’s a red carpet and intentionally slowing down in front of the pack of street style photographers, it made me sick. Even worse when I was flung away by 50 something street style photographers, just to get a decent shot of a posing model. I almost lost my faith in humanity and my purpose in the fashion world, then I went to the US Open men’s finals and cheered up.

None the less; I managed to take some photos and it would be a complete waste if I hadn’t shared them with you so here you go: my street style snaps from NYFW day 6.

thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle4thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle11.jpg thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle5.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle.jpg thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle3 thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle13.jpg thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle14.jpg thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle6.jpg thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle10.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle2.jpgall the photos are taken by me



  1. Serenity says

    I just adore the girl’s gladiator sandals in shot three. I have a DIY tutorial on how to make those. I love when they go above and beyond the original style. And I really like the blonde’s blue streaks. How perfect and cute! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on fashionsvictims and commented:
    Its gud trying new things, fashion week is such a stressful thing, a fashion designer like me goes through hell and back to make sure everyone is enjoying their time

  3. I’m totally with you on all the hoopla at fashion week. I love to go and watch the actual shows, but everything that surrounds that nowadays!? It’s too much. People taking themselves, and fashion, too seriously. I’ve been expecting some kind of backlash for a few years now (it’ll happen sooner or later i’m sure/hope). Glad you enjoyed the tennis anyway. USO is definitely the best thing to do in NY in September!

  4. Reblogged this on ❇ Catarina Lalanda ❇ and commented:
    Really wish I could be there too! I bet it’s just wonderful to be in that kinda ambience, even knowing all of you are kinda used to it, I think it’s magical. But knowing I’m just a 14 year old blogger it’s nothing but a dream right? (Ok I know this sounded kinda desesperate) those blue lines are soo lovely *-*

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