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Alexander Wang S/S 2014

WAN_1819.450x675 WAN_1573.450x675 WAN_2235.450x675For me, fashion month kicks off not with the first show calendar tells us, or the parties or the street style scene; but with the new collection of Alexander Wang. It is now, undisputedly, one of the most important shows of NYFW and always a great source for trend forecasting. Besides signature cocoon shapes, loose fits and leather domination; Wang added frilly crop tops (Carrie Bradshaw is crying somewhere), single button granny cardigans, blue PJ stripes, origami trousers and of course a new patent fabric on his resume (and our shopping lists).

Now that E.L. James has very unfortunately announced the official cast of the movie, it’s safe for me to say that A.Wang S/S 2014 collection is my new favourite 50 shades of grey.




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  1. Serenity says

    Nice collection! Kinda off topic, but have you ever noticed that these run way models never look happy and have a sour complexion and a ‘oh so serious look’ expression on their faces? It’s kinda weird and I have always wondered why 🙂

  2. ibelieveinvogue says

    I loved this collection, they could use some of the looks in the movie 50 shades of gray, that would TOTALLY work (and that could also be the name of the collection) kkk

  3. The Advisory top is so fierce.

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