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tfmwhite5 tfmwhite2.jpg tfmwhite6.jpgOf my belly, which just had its very own inauguration in Montreal. I don’t have any problems with crop tops, right until the little thing starts showing. Maybe if I had done all my sit ups I was supposed to, things could have been different. Still, as long as you have the trench to hide the muffin top, and the miraculous wide leg trousers that makes you look 6 inches tall; it’s all good. And I had the chance to wear my weirdo necklace: a summer win-win.


White cropped top Zara (get similar here and here)

White wide leg trousers Mango (get similar here and here)

Gold fringe collar necklace Topshop (get similar here and here)

Dark gray trench from a boutique in Milan (get similar here and here)


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    Everything in this outfit looks good!! I have to congratulate you on your improvement, I like your blog better and better every day 🙂

  2. Love!

    The trench probably solves the problem here, but I am always afraid to wear any sort of white pant (or “see-through” for that matter, like linen)! I can never figure what to wear underneath. Once you get in the sun, you’re done for! What do you usually do?

    • Haha yeah I know! Ok it’s going to sound way too Bridget Jones but, I wear a skin tone spandex kind of hipster briefs 🙂 With that, neither the color nor the seams are visible underneath!

  3. Love your style! I am looking for strong stylish women to paint portraits of for my series ‘The Feral Goddess Collection’. If you like my work and are interested then send me a photo of yourself looking fierce or strong or just damn cool. I will paint an image based on your photo and post it on my blog gallery You are welcome to post the painting too if you like it! The most successful pieces of my work will be put up for sale on the saatchionline gallery. Lx

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