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The Fashion Medley | Neutral tfmneutral10.jpg tfmneutralsunglasses.jpgWhich means it’s kinda like neutral but not so much, because you see there’s the crazy printed sandals I’ve been dying to wear since April. As cute as they are, turns out they’re not so much comfortable (which is weird considering the block heels can carry a house on them, let alone a small person) and they make my hairpin legs make even more cartoon-y. I’m going to keep on wearing them, tho. They’re too beautiful to abandon.

BTW I have no idea why I look so hilariously serious in that first photo, it was probably shot around the time my hubby was trying to adjust the lighting and I wasn’t posing. Turns out I pose better when I’m not posing.

tfmneutral2.jpg tfmneutral3.jpg tfmneutraldetails.jpg tfmneutral5.jpg tfmneutrallace.jpgWhite envelope dress Zara

Silk camisole Gold Hawk

Khaki shirt Topshop

Printed sandals Zara

Bag Zara

Sunglasses Saint Laurent Paris


  1. Katie says

    Loveee the shoes. Was convinced that dress was Cos until you said Zara!

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