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tfmcateye.jpg tfmcateye2.jpgbold cat eyeI can’t tell you how glad I am that the only make up technique I know (and can apply on myself) is now the biggest beauty trend of the season: the cat eye. To your surprise, it’s not as hard as the common opinion, especially with gel eyeliners or thick brushes. But since I have oily skin + eyelids, there is only one (yeah you read that right, only 1) eyeliner in the world that stays on my face all day: Dior Style liquid eyeliner, which to my luck – of course – is really liquid and comes with the thinnest paint  brush. I can say that I pretty much mastered it over the years, however I can’t say that it’s the best option for beginners.

For my night time make up, I prefer MAC gel eyeliner applied with a seperate angled brush (to give it a more panda eye effect) and use a black eye shadow on top of it to soften the look into a smoky eye.

I personally never tried different styles of cat eye (under cat eye, cleopatra, neon colors etc) nor seen anyone in real life who tried them, but I totally encourage anybody who can pull the look off. Up for the challenge?

Sephora Classic All Over Shadow Brush – $5.00

Dior Liquid Eyeliner Black  – $34.00

MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner – $19.00

MAC Eye Shadow – $18.00

Sephora Classic Angled Liner Brush – $14.00

MAC Studiofix Boldblack Lash Mascara – $19.00

perfect cat eye

red cat eye reverse cat eyefuturistic cat eyeimage sources: flare,, harper’s bazaar, pinterest


  1. I love experimenting with a cat eye look. I’ll do the basic black cat eye, and then play with patterns that extend around it – dots, or swirls. Or I’ll do the bottom of my eye in a dark shimmery green. You’ve shown a great variety of cat eye styles. I can’t wait to imitate some and see what I like best.

  2. stephymacasaet says

    To tell you the truth girl, we have the same thing in mind! It’s the only thing I know to put in my eye, i don’t even know how to use an eye shadow!

  3. I’m a little afraid of the cat eye (such a #makeuprookie) but every time I do experiment with it a little I get tons of compliments! Haha they might just be being nice but I’m kind of tempted to try out a few of the looks posted here now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    j. parker

  4. Alex says

    I love the cat eye look. I’m still working on getting it perfect, but I’ll get there eventually. I love the makeup on Cara Delevingne. That’s fabulous!


  5. ibelieveinvogue says

    I loved this! Cat eye is my favorite make up look ever. Great selection of pictures by the way.

  6. never had the courage to try cat eyes or even smokey eyes but this post inspired me to try sporting it in some of my occasions! Maybe one of these days 😉 thanks for the post!

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