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Put The Back In The Pack

white backpack chanel backpack 2

My love for backpacks go back to my childhood days, 6 years old to be more accurate; when my uncle went to USA and brought me a mini denim backpack with three applique pink flowers. Then I remember in middle school begging my parents to buy me a Nike backpack for school. Again in high school opting for a Lacoste backpack whereas all the other girls were carrying shoulder bags. Then I cheated on them with crossbody bags, totes and satchels – living in a country famous for pickpockets you can’t leave anything to chance. Now, almost 10 years and two continents later, my dear old friend has turned back into my life. I started with borrowing my husband’s Urban Outfitters leather look backpack but now I think I have to own one myself. Maybe even two?

I think my favourites are floral mini backpack from Bank (hello childhood subconscious), A.Wang leopard, minimal leather Zara and yes, of course, the vintage Chanel.

backpack2 backpack4

rumi backpack backpack5 brown backpack

backpack3 backpack backpack skateboard image sources: stockholm street style,, harpers bazaar, the sartorialist, pinterest


  1. shinigami016 says

    I adore backpacks too. They’re so handy and easy to carry around. I can’t imagine my day without my floral one from Accessorize 🙂

  2. Forever 21 has been stepping up their back pack game lately. That tassel one that you featured from there is awesome. Thank you for sharing!


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