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Hey Mickey

osheaga1osheaga2 osheaga mickeySo going to Osheaga day 1 was the first thing I could do that wasn’t about painting, cleaning, drilling or searching the web for the perfect lamp & toilet seat ever since I arrived back in Montreal (besides the opening JC de Castelbajac exhibition of Festival Mode & Design Montreal 2013). Considering that half of my clothes are still inside the luggage(s) while the other half is in my old apartment (we are staying at a friend’s house while renovating the new house and our stuff is at our old house where the rooms are subletted…) I ran to the arms of old pal Mickey, a men’s t-shirt (of course) from Topman saved my day. The Hunter boots are the panic result of The Weather Channel & The Weather Network conspiracy.

osheaga tdcc


  1. dungareesandstrawberries says

    Love your hunters and mickey top! Please checkout my blog
    Molly X

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