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What’s On The Inside Counts

lingerie white katemoss by juergen teller

Personally; I have to thank either our 30 year old washing machine, my ever too crowded drawer or the fact that I travel a lot for the irrepressible loss of my insanely comfortable elastic 6 pack panties which lead me to have at least a little better looking collection of underwear. Honorable mention goes to H&M here, if it weren’t for them and their super cheap sexy lingerie, I never would have get ahold of anything that would make my husband happy. As much as I love blowing money on apparel, I always found it ridiculous to spend hundreds of dollars on something that will most probably end up seen by only one person (that is if you’re lucky). I can not say that I’m a lingerie freak yet, but I finally understood the value of a precious satin and lace coupling.

PS: Recent lack of posts (which will continue for a little while) is due to a heavy moving process (again, I know) including painting, renovating, shopping and everything (supported by a very heavy illness which thank god is over now). Sorry about that and please keep on following – check out previous posts in the meantime!

lara stone lingerie


catherine lingerie


emma stone by juergen teller


lingerie inspiration


lingerieimage source: pinterest


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    I totally agree with your take on lingerie, but boy do they look good!!!!

  2. I’m a total believer in wearing sexy matching undergarments! It’s like having a mysterious secret I only know!!

  3. Beautiful photos! I actually used to wear really lovely bras semi-visible under a shirt or blazer a la Madonna in the 80s – maybe I should revisit that after this inspiring lingerie post 🙂 I really love your blog and your style – would you mind checking out my blog? I’d really appreciate some feedback because I’ve only just started blogging – I’m focusing on how to do beauty and fashion while on a budget 🙂

    Maria x

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