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Good Ol’ Braid

braided bun11 braided bun7


I feel pretty sure that braids (braided buns, to be more accurate) are THE hair style to try out this summer; everywhere I look I see french braids, waterfall braids, braid crowns, messy braid buns… just to make me feel miserable with my 5 inch hair. It has always been one of the favourites of all womankind though; it gives the ultimate romantic look, it rules out the blandness, a good alternative to tying your hair up / the freak who first seperated her hair in 3 pieces and put one on the other in cross direction was apparently a genious. If you’re one of the lucky few (nutcases who have eyes at the back of their heads), you are able to do these at home and I want to kill you ever since I’m 8. If you’re not, it’s the perfect time to give your coiffeur a hard time; styling a hair that is supposed to look unstyled sends them to hell!

braided bun2

braided bun13

image source: (irritating i know but..) pinterest


    • I love the look unfortunately I do not have much hair the only way it tends to work for me is with extensions which complicates the matter bc I have to go to a salon. For those that think that u can’t do the braids don’t give up I’m the worst hair stylist and was able to master a few after watching several tutorials and using my daughter as my hair model. Don’t give up

  1. I love these. Its a shame that even though I watch some tutorials, I never learn how to do a pretty one 😦

  2. I’m convinced that people who can do these must be blessed with extra fingers or an additional arm or two. I love them and cannot master the art form. I will keep trying! Complicated braid, I will conquer thee one day!!! 🙂

  3. Love love the post and all the photos! I recently got married and had no idea what to do with my hair and my stylist did one of these messy side braids for me. I loved it. Definitely going to try to do it on my own too!

  4. Dit is op lostnstyle herblogden reageerde:
    something else, bad hair-day? Go and get some braids, it’s a very chic look, perfect for a hot summer day or a party.

    xoxo lostnstyle

  5. dungareesandstrawberries says

    Can’t wait for my hair to be long enough for this!
    Molly X

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