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I Feel Frilly, Oh So Frilly

tfmfrill9 tfmfrill12.jpg tfmfrill11.jpgAnd that’s rare; I don’t usually feel frilly or pretty, but I usually feel witty and bright (when math is not included in the question). This frilly piece of a skirt of mine was from last season, when the frill trend popped out of the Givenchy frenzy / but I couldn’t get myself to wear it, never felt comfortable. When I got stuck in Turkey because of visa delays, I had no choice but to turn to my old closet in order to fix some new outfits. Sometimes hard times bring the old pals together.

tfmfrill.jpg tfmfrill2.jpg tfmfrill5.jpg tfmfrill8.jpg tfmfrill10.jpg tfmfrill15.jpgShirt H&M

Pink frilly skirt Koton

Tan sandals Zara

Gray bag Topshop

Long tassel necklace Vintage

Quartz necklace Urban Outfitters


  1. This is a lovely outfit! I am always amazed to see how a loose shirt, as opposed to a tight and too relieling one, is so sexy and feminine. I must do a post with such a shirt in my blog… Thanks for the inspiration. Sara

  2. Love the skirt, especially the color & how your shoes harmonize with the tassel necklace… It reminds me of one of my fav pieces, the Horn of Strength Necklace recently posted on my blog… Great look, lovely necklace.

  3. carmynstyle says

    it is weird when you get to wear something you wouldn´t right!??? but it look great on you, love your blog and already followed it, please follow mine, and if you do it via BLOGLOVIN you will not regret it,;) hope to see you on my blog xox

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