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Li Hui Photography

li_hui_hidden_daisy li_hui_hidden_islandli_hui_fashion_morning It’s been a long time since I’ve touched my whimsical side; dealing with wedding details made me so much “fluff and glitter” oriented that all I ever searched for was center pieces or head dresses. That was until I stumbled upon Li Hui‘s work; a self taught photographer who uses natural elements and efects such as double exposure and light leaks to express people and nature from her point of view. The fact that you never see any faces is because she thinks people change their faces too fast in the real world and body language is the only way she can know about what’s going on inside of them. An odd and non-profitable thought for someone who works in fashion (that’s me, not her; she’s not a fashion photographer), but I’m in love with the angle and the depth of the photos.

I told you at the beginning of the post that I was going weird today.

li_hui_hidden_- fashion_nohead

fashion_light li_hui_daily_comma li_hui_hidden_hide li_hui_invisible_feather

li_hui_daily_nakedhug li_hui_wind_dandelion li_hui_wind_darkwater li_hui_wind_tail

source: Li Hui


  1. The girl in the white dress (second to last) is so haunting and beautiful. I love this photographer! Thank you for sharing!

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