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Flora Botanica

culotte6.jpg culotte4.jpgculotte7.jpg I want to dedicate this outfit and this shoot to the botanical garden my mom created on our balcony, growing bigger every year; I’m so blessed for having such a great mom who – as if possible – loves all living things; trees, flowers, animals even after she has given me all the love someone can possibly give. I don’t have my fancy camera with me right now, or my hubby to get me “fashion photoshoot” pumped up; but I think the flora botanica right behind me creates a sweet contrast with my boyish b&w outfit.

It’s a little chilly after desert heat, so I took advantage of layering a net top. My latest desire of culottes was not a surprise either and you have probably had fill of my white pumps but… I haven’t! BTW this is the fanciest daily outfit I have with me, and since I’m trapped here for a little more while this will be my go to outfit for every occasion. Maybe I’ll change the top every once in a while.

culotte1.jpgculotte5.jpg White Net Top Vintage

Grey T-shirt American Apparel

Black Culottes Topshop

White Pumps Zara

B&W Sunglasses Mango


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