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Love Is In The Hair

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My prior plan regarding my wedding attire was to wear a rustic halo (a la Valentino) or a floral/leaf crown with a romantic simple lace dress. Then I got caught up on 20’s inspired gowns and accessories and that was when I started looking for vintage – more specifically flapper – headbands. That meant I had to search everthing with rhinestone, pearl or feather. At that moment, I started thinking about a juliet cap veil, if Kate Moss had used one for her wedding, it must be the ultime wedding accessory. And you  have to understand, because I changed my mind every second about my wedding gown AND my hair for the day, the search for the perfect wedding accessory kept on and on.

Then, at a moment I really can’t remember when or why, I decided to wear a simple tiered short tulle veil. When I look at my wedding photos now I don’t regret the choice, but I have to admit that there were so many gorgeous accessories out there that I would have loved to take a shot at. After all it’s the only day in history that you are allowed to spend more than $200 for a non precious, single use only accessory.

Soooo, as I try to convince my husband to do a second smaller ceremony/outdoor gathering for all our friends in Canada (you can see the motive behind this, don’t you?) I thought it would be nice to share my treasure of shopping sources once more.

Click through to see the best Etsy stores (+ BHLDN) for bridal hair accessories & their best products!

Twigs & Honey


Untamed Petals


SIBO Designs


The Honey Comb


Agnes Hart


Shop Elizabeth Perry




Grace Loves Lace


Olivia Head Pieces


Which Goose


DC Bouquets


Erica Elizabeth Design


Mata Hari’s Daughter




Vintage Headdresses


Green Trunk Designs


My Olivia Nelson




  1. While reading this and looking at all the beautiful headpieces, I got that fashion reaction. When something is so chic and stylish you get excited and freak out a bit? That just happened. Beautiful selection of images.

  2. Très belle,I love the sixth photo from the first collage,even if the acessory is very simple,it will look so good on any outfit and it will add that touch of something that any outfit needs.

  3. Never really thought about such a headpiece for a wedding, but i love it! All the pieces are beautiful no wonder you had a hard time picking!

  4. Came across your blog post when I was searching high and low for wedding hair inspirations. I honestly think spending more than $200 on those gorgeous hair accessories is totally reasonable 🙂 no matter how illogical it may appear to others.

  5. I should not have read this! Such a beautiful entry has now got me undecided about whether I’m wanting a mantilla or a detailed headpiece auu! Thanks for posting regardless! Maybe I can save the mantilla for a second ceremony too! 🙂

  6. I so love hair-styling. I hope I can be a professional hairstylist and do these hairstyles for my clients someday 😀

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