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1307030202_hg_full_l hbz-couture-day-2-IMG0844-lgn Couture-Street-1-42_15461449611And what’s better than new collections at a fashion week? A relatively fewer blogger packed street style of the fashion week, of course. It’s mid season, perfect weather, favourite city (Paris), a courageous occasion where dresses with no limits float down the runway – everybody’s looking for fresh streetwear inspiration to fuel the upcoming summer and fashion month. We know by now that a lot of people (hint Suzy Menkes) are sick of the street style scene at fashion weeks, blaming it has gone out of it’s way and turned into a circus rather than an industrial event; but speaking for myself, street style is still my favourite part. I understand, having witnessed two major and several small fashion weeks, it becomes ridiculous at times – but for the most part it’s nice to see fashion becoming a part of life itself.

1307032154_hg_full_l image010 LEEOLIVEIRA-3phc1 Couture-Street-1-26_154609263135

hbz-street-style-couture-2014-33-lgn Couture-Street-1-38_154613606973 Couture-Street-1-22b_154607146168 1307031433_hg_full_l 296652

1307020384_hg_full_l 1307021717_hg_full_l 1307032040_hg_full_l Couture-Street-1-33b_154612715732 hbz-street-style-couture-2014-21-lgn


03scene-street-slide-BFM9-jumbo1307022575_hg_full_l LEEOLIVEIRA-3phc5 image003 hbz-street-style-couture-2014-31-lgn Couture-Street-1-21_15460625837image sources:,,, harper’s bazaar, the cut, ny times, leeoliveira, stockholm street style, styledevil


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  2. Ledodder says

    Love the post! Seen a lot of awesome outfits, but also a lot of weird ones…I really don’t like it when one’s midrif is exposed, no matter how skinny or ripped you are, it always looks blah in my opinion. I also have to say that some of these streetstyle outfits really aren’t something anyone would wear to go outside.

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