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Boys Will Be Boys!

dsc_0301-20130624195309 image010 1306201700_hg_full_lAnd I will always admire masculine elegance more than try-to-hard women’s fashion. June, on my calendar, is the holy month filled with consecutive Pitti Uomo and Milan Men’s Fashion Week; loads of sartorial inspiration. I wish there had been more occasions where the photographers can capture the bold and colourful styles of the daring gentlemen.

Simone Marchetti VincenzoViscione Simone Marchetti in Valentino LEEOLIVEIRA-3m2 enriquecamposparis Image1GabrieleVerratti image007 image001 image1 best-of-pitti-pt.-1-street-style-pitti-uomo-_-641x1024 1306250644_hg_full_l 1306211180_hg_full_l 1306200774_hg_full_l 1306202653_hg_full_l best-of-pitti-pt.-2-street-style-pitti-uomo-_-1-683x1024 1306204402_hg_full_l 1306201343_hg_full_l 1306195852_hg_full_l 1306196145_hg_full_l 1306195277_hg_full_l 1306190417_hg_full_l 1306190736_hg_full_l 1306196559_hg_full_l 1306197309_hg_full_l 1306190341_hg_full_l 1306191850_hg_full_l 1306180026_hg_full_l 61913Prnt0480Web 61813Fort9402Web 00 Bruce Paskimage sources:,, the sartorialist, style sightings, gastro chic


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