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Marie Olsson Nylander

marie12 marie17 marie13Marie Olsson Nylander is an interior architect who started renovating apartments for fun, realised she was on the right path and moved on to renovating houses. Her minimal style amplified with natural elements and rustic details; the mix of clay, wood and brass with the base colors of white, gray and black – pepped up with contemporary art, industrial utensils and plants / all are dreamy. If I were to afford and be able to work with a stylist it would probably be Marie. So good and so inspiring!

marie18 marie16 marie4 marie5 marie6 marie11 marie10 marie15 marie3 marie8 marie14 marie7 marie marie2source: harvest agency via miss moss


  1. I LOVE This Post. This is totally my cup of tea. She is so real & artful
    THANK YOU… Some of these Blogs are better than a fashion magazine? ‘Who would have thought? amazing! =^_^= NAT

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