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Such Great Heights

elifali-281 elifali-264elifali-303Hey there! As some of you – the ones who actually read the posts 🙂 – already know, I got married last week to my boyfriend of 7 years. It was an unforgettable wedding; not just because our families worked so hard to make everything perfect while we were away in Canada, but also because the wedding took place right in the middle of the Turkish rebellion. Not that it made anything harder tough, luckily the day of our wedding wasn’t such a hard day of clashes, but there are signs of riot everywhere, even in our wedding video where all of us stop the dance to shout out slogans to support the resistance. Resistance against fascism, against dictatorship, against anything that restricts one’s freedom just for the sake of others’ wishes.

And apparently against the rain that poured down right in the middle of the ceremony, but thank god later stopped and made everyone more energetic and eager to have fun than they usually or possibly are. So if you ask me, it may not be the perfect wedding; but it was the perfect wedding.

(My slinky satin wedding gown and tiered veil are from a local Montreal boutique called Anne Jean Michel, shoes are from Nine West and bag is vintage. Gold & emerald necklace is specially crafted by a wonderful jewelry artist in Istanbul, based on a design I found online and updated a little myself. It’s a wedding gift from my mom and dad. Hubby’s slim fit suit is from Tiger of Sweden.)

elifali-37elifali-35 elifali-69


elifali-192 elifali-214 elifali-262


elifali-369elifali-310 elifali-384elifali-301 elifali-396elifali-399 elifali-395


elifali-361 elifali-404

As long as you have friends and family like ours, everything can be perfect. Thank you all!

photography: Yeliz Atici


  1. Congratulations and you look so so beautiful. Wonderful choice of jewelry too! Simple but stunning, I love it!
    Wishing you lots of joyous days ahead in your marriage 🙂

  2. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    Great pictures!! Wishing you all the best for your life with your boy!!!And what a stylish crowd!!!! 🙂

  3. Serenity says

    Everything looked fantastic! Congradulations and many blessings! 🙂

  4. giobis94 says

    Congratulations! I really love the style of you wedding! The stesso, bouquet, shoes band the atmosphere very romantic chic band a little bit vintage! You were very beautiful 😉 If a day i will marry too I hope i will have a wedding similari to yours! :*

  5. ThoodlesDoodles says

    What a wonderful wedding! I love the boutonnieres! 😀

  6. BeatriceTuason says

    You look stunning! And I love your gown; it’s so simple and elegant!

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