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Basically Panties

culotte ada kokosar culotte paris shopculotteWhy? you may ask. Because culottes, in French – and in Turkish, means panties. I can’t be too sure about French since I’m fairly new to the language (bonjour) but I can speak for Turkish and say that it doesn’t mean anything else other than panties.  Which is weird since these are the longest and least sexiest form of shorts I’ve ever seen. Obviously I’m in love with them! (And of course own one Topshop pair already)

PS: Due to the ongoing protests in Turkey and my wedding, I neglected the blog, I’ve been checking it everyday and seeing your wonderful comments but it was impossible for me to update it – and it’s going to keep on like this for a little while. I hope you understand and I really hope that you keep on following.

1) Martina Spetlova Women’s Woven Long Shorts – $862.00

2) CHLOE Oversize Taupe Wool Lounge Shorts – $232.00

3) HAUS ALKIRE Laryn Gaucho Pants – $297.50

4) TOPSHOP Tailored Culottes – £38.00

5) ASOS Culottes – €46.39

6) Vintage Walking Shorts City Shorts Culottes Wool Blend Black and White – $19.86


8) Vintage High Waisted Gold Culottes – $36.10

9) Vintage 1970’s Burgundy Wool Culottes – $29.26

culotte hanne gaby culotte lfw culotte pernille culotte yasmin ????????????????????????????image sources: wayne tippetts, lee oliveira, pinterest


  1. restezchic says

    I’m Turkish too, and I don’t think I can wear anything that says ‘kilot’ …

  2. Les culottes sont estranges . . .
    (“culottes are strange”)
    Onwards and upwards with the French! Good luck! If you know any other language in the Romanian family, then it shouldn’t be hard to learn it.

  3. I love them but couldn’t pull them off myself. Pays to have a small frame. The green ones are just gorgeous!

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