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tfmshorts9.jpg tfmshorts7 tfmshorts14I scheduled this post long time ago, it was supposed to be published some time last week. Due to the unfortunate (or if you ask me, very fortunate – but sad and painful) events in Turkey (read the post below), I didn’t want to post it. But now for the sake of updating the blog, I felt like I should give you something new. Not just to keep things going but also to use the opportunity to remind you all that the good people in Turkey are still resisting the police and the government in order to preserve Gezi Park and change the ill fate of us all, to get our freedom back, to be governed with democracy again.

Currently the mainstream global media is keeping an eye on Taksim, Istanbul. Thus, the police forces have backed off and they have remarkably scaled down the number of attacks against the protesters. However, in the meantime the police terror in Ankara (my hometown, where I am right now) as it is now is on a much larger scale compared to the very beginning of Istanbul attacks. Tear gas is relentlessly being thrown inside apartments, people are suppressed by plastic bullets, illegal custody and physical assault.

To read two current articles about what’s going on – click here for The Economist, and here to read a wonderful summary of the events at Refinery29, with the words of Idil Tabanca, editor-in-chief of New York based Bullet magazine.

PS: I’m getting married tomorrow and I’ve never been more crazed in my life before. Wish *US* luck.

tfmshorts.jpg tfmshorts6.jpg tfmshorts13Twisted shirt – Zara

Black blazer – Zara

Denim shorts – H&M

Black sandals – Mango

Multicolor leopard print bag – Zara

Nametag necklace – ASOS


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    All the best for your big day tomorrow!
    Everyone’s thoughts these days are with all the Turkish people fighting for what they believe in, keep it up! xx

  2. lizzdelera says

    love your blog (also love fashion and work in fashion) i have a post on my blog sort of inspired by your Turkey post:

    best of luck with your wedding and happy wishes – sometimes the best memories and love stories come out of revolutionary times 🙂

    you’ll never forget it!
    “forward ever, backward never; rest, you rust.”

    -Lizz in Dallas

  3. BeatriceTuason says

    I totes love basics!! It’s very simple yet very elegant at the same time!
    BTW, congrats on your big day! xxx

  4. Alexandria Adair Vasquez says

    I love that the bag is a pop of color, it brightens up an already chic outfit!

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