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Brick by Brick

brick wall green couch brick wall lights brick wall dressing roomMy “for the home” file filled with hundreds of photos of amazing interiors, mostly small rustic spaces, at most the ones with brick walls has finally paid off! The ultimate interior fantasy is now more than a dream for me; our love at first sight new home, which we are going to move in next month, has this red brick wall in the huge living room! And wait for it, it also has hardwood floors and high ceilings! I thought those kind of houses are expensive New York lofts or only exist in magazines. Now I can actually look at the photos for inspiration and make shopping lists. Best wedding gift we’ve given ourselves, EVER!

It’s going to be the first time I’m actually decorating a home which is mine (ours) and mine (ours) only, I can’t wait to obsess about it and drive everybody mad.

brick wall bedroom2 brick wall kitchen2 brick wall living room3 brick wall colors brick wall detail brick wall bathroom brick wall dining room brick wall bedroom brick wall entrance brick wall kitchen brick wall living room2 brick wall living room exposed brick wallimage source: pinterest, apartment therapy


  1. Very nice. Love the exposed brick. And easy enough to fake. I’ll be moving to a new house soon. Thanks for reminding me about brick for the interior.

  2. BeatriceTuason says

    Oh, I’m so jealous!! I would love to have a brick wall somewhere in my house!

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