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Go Home Spring, You’re Drunk

tfminbetween4.jpgtfminbetween11.jpg tfminbetween14.jpgBecause there is no other explanation for this freakishly cold but sunny sunday (which is actually the last one of May) – so it’s not even spring anymore, it’s basically summer. I’ve always wondered when exactly women (the ones we see on street style blogs, in magazines, whom we pin to our boards over and over again) wear coats with sandals, I see it now. You can say I’ve reached a whole new level of climate dressing – also because I put away all my sweaters at a moment of fever pitch at the end of April when I thought it was summer for good, so all I have now are my trousers, skirts, tank tops, tees, summer shoes and coats. Things just started to get interesting…

tfminbetween16.jpg tfminbetween5.jpg tfminbetween3.jpg tfminbetween7.jpg tfminbetween12.jpg tfminbetween6.jpg tfminbetween17.jpgSilk top – Topshop

Gray coat – Mango

Ripped boyfriend jeans – Asos

Black sandals – Stradivarius

Necklace – Forever 21

Rings – Topshop, H&M

Sunglasses – Rayban


  1. I agree with the previous comment (above). Perrrfect boyfriend jeans! Are they a recent purchase?

  2. kellynch92 says

    I love this post, and reading your blog in general! I was actually lucky enough to break out the summer skirt yesterday afternoon – in Ireland of all places! Clashing floral prints were had! Love your look here though – so classy!

    Love, Kel xoxo

  3. Yea, whats up with this weather? Makes it kind of hard to plan the weekly wardrobe. I guess layering is the order of the day. Hurry up summer.

  4. This outfit is wonderful. I love the jeans and the sandals but I can really not walk with this kind of shoes !

  5. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    I don’t know how weather-appropriate this outfit was, but you look great 🙂

  6. So true about the weather and magazines… I always wonder that too, and when I have the peffect day to test it out, I just stay inside in my cozy sweaters all day cause it is too cold outside!!! SO TRUE!


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