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B and W

black and white 3_______________________________

black white urban_______________________________

black and white 12

Sundays are my favourite day for blogging; not only because it’s easier to create sunday’s post on saturday morning but because it’s the day I myself surf the web – therefore get visually inspired the most. So I thought I should dedicate my favourite day to my (and I’m sure millions of other people’s) favourite color combo: black & white.

Let it be for interior, an outfit, a pattern, a collection, a painting or even a book – these 2 colors (which according to some sources are not actual “colors”) are usually worth all alloys. It’s the simplest, the classiest, the sexiest and the strongest; let’s celebrate this cold and rainy summer sunday with the best contrast in the world. To monochrome!

black white style_______________________________

black and white 1_______________________________

black and white 2_______________________________

black white pattern_______________________________

black and white 5_______________________________

black and white 6_______________________________

black white casual_______________________________

black and white 7_______________________________

black and white 8_______________________________

black white shirt_______________________________

black and white 9_______________________________

black and white 10_______________________________

black white minimal_______________________________

black and white 11_______________________________

black and white 4


black white smart_______________________________

black and white 13_______________________________

black and white 14_______________________________

black white graphic_______________________________

black and white 15_______________________________

black and white 16_______________________________

black white cropimage sources: pinterest, a pair and a spare, stockholm street style, lee oliveira, camille over the rainbow, refinery29, vanilla scented, harper’s bazaar, wayne tippets, the sartorialist, love aesthetics, stop it right now, a portable package, sara strand


  1. How inspiring! Some of these outfits are super hot. Ive been into black n white myself lately. Im usually all about colour, colour and more colour! But when I wear black n white I feel clean and sophisticated. xoxo

  2. seamplicityy says

    Love all these looks! Black and white is such a timeless combination.

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