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Let’s Talk Resort, Baby

Dior Resort 2014__________________________________________

ODLR Resort 2014-001__________________________________________

DKNY Resort 2014If you work in fashion, the only “holiday season” you are going to get is the resort collections – which I think was dropped on to us by Karl Lagerfeld and his crazy “where should we do it this year?” resort shows. While I’m more than fine with 4 different batches of yearly inspiration – I’m starting to get worried about the work overload in the industry. Do we really need resort collections? How resort are they, truthfully? Are spring/summer collections not enough for our vacations? (same questions apply for pre-fall collections as well.)

Don’t get me a hypocrite; I look forward to them since they are so much more wearable than the main seasonal collections – and usually appealing more to my taste, don’t know why. I think it’s the season where the urban sub-brands make their point whereas high end brands build a bridge between their main collections and high street fashion (let’s not forget that these in-between collections’ emerging point was to compete with fast fashion.)

Click to see some of my favourite resort collections so far; start looking for some daisy prints, grunge sheers and ruffles (if you don’t own one already, shhhh) & pack up!














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  1. I completely agree, I do love most resort collections as I feel it pushes designers that bit more to produce more wearable pieces but still keeping the distinct feel of said designer. I am extremely impressed by ODLR’s pieces and Moschino’s however. xo

  2. Resort collections seem to be most suited to my style probably because I’m always dreaming of being on holiday. Love all of these.

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