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Guest Post: The Art Filled Home

3 Artful RoomSometimes, the most minimalist of artwork can have a big impact as in this golden rectangle of color. A picture light shines on the painting, while tiny contemporary floor lamps flank the long velvet sofa. It’s a beautiful space.

4 Artful RoomA vast gallery of eclectic artwork fills the wall behind the sofa in this black and white living room. Gallery walls offer a wonderful opportunity to personalize any space with a blank wall.

8 Artful RoomNo available wall to display art in a room? Then take a cue from this lovely Bohemian chic space and hang your favorite painting or print in front of a book shelf. This piece looks great with its wide white frame that blends seamlessly with the white shelves.

Hello, everyone! I’m so happy to be here with you at The Fashion Medley with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog, a fantastic place to find lots of interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from fabulous folding screens to colorful rugs for every floor and lots more.

Today, we’re going to take a look at wonderful ways to fill your home with art. From living rooms to kitchens and all kinds of places in between, art can bring color, movement and your fabulous personal style to your very own interior spaces. Please enjoy!

Thanks for letting me stop by to share!

~ Mari

6 Artful RoomAs seen here, art can bring a room to life with rhythm and movement. A large modern pendant light and floor lamps are perfect for this darkly handsome space.

5 Artful Room

Kids’ rooms should be one of the first spaces considered in the art-filled home. Children have a distinct point of view when it comes to art and are likely to thoroughly appreciate the pieces they choose for their personal spaces. Here, the artwork is creatively placed on the sloped ceiling of this child’s bedroom.

7 Artful RoomHere is a great example of wallpaper as art. Isn’t this a glorious display of wall to wall and floor to ceiling color, pattern and movement?

1 Artful RoomA colorful painting by Jeannie Weissglass pulls this pale space together beautifully. What an appealing eclectic design!

2 Artful RoomEven in the kitchen, art has a place. Here, black and white photographs are protected behind glass. Admittedly, most kitchens don’t have all four walls available for a fabulous personal art gallery, but just about every kitchen has some space to personalize it with art.

What do you think of these art-filled homes? Leave your comments below and come by our blog for more home decor and lighting inspirations!


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