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It Rains and Rains

tfmrain5.jpgtfmrain3.jpg tfmrain11.jpgI’m a woman and of course I am exaggerating. It doesn’t rain and rain all the time, it just rained for a few days – which is more than reasonable for May – but I get cranky everytime I see a grey cloud. Cue the misery song: All the curly ladies, all the curly ladies – Oh, oh, oh…

To make matters worse I can not cut my damned long (for me) and unshaped hair because for the wedding it will be the longer the better. But I promise you on June 9th it will turn into a bob again – which will let me leave them curly without any problem.

Last but not least, I could FINALLY get my hands on an American Apparel white nail polish (topped with a matte coat) and I LOVE it! It’s a nice change and a remarkable transition from the dark winter nails to the overly bright summer shades.

tfmrain4.jpg tfmrain7 tfmrain9.jpg tfmrain10.jpgWhite sheer layer top – Zara (old)

Pink fluffy cardigan – Storets (really old)

Faux leather trousers – H&M

White pumps – Zara (last season)

Bag – Zara (old)

Piece of hair necklace – MMM for H&M

Umbrella – Ferre (nearly as old as me)

Red lipstick – MAC Ruby Woo

White nailpolish – American Apparel


  1. I totally get what you mean, this rain has been nonstop in NYC and I need a break!
    p.s. I love the white polish!

      • Serenity says

        That is kinda kool! I have a tutorial on how to make those. That is really sweet that they are trendy now 🙂 But I have a feeling that people won’t like how or where they are obtained from if they know the truth… 😦 very, very sad :((

  2. phoebeloveland says

    I just bought some white nail polish! Was becoming too used to having black on my nails so it made a very nice change. Feel I need a bit of a tan however to pull it off, otherwise its pasty nails and pasty hands! Not a great combination. Love the white stilettos too!

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