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Sacred Space

reading space reading space4 reading space10Right now what I need more than anything else is a quiet, comfortable space with the perfect ligthing at which I can be completely away from any kind of technology, just to read books for hours. Since I can not stay away from my computer when I’m at home (I’m really an addict) I step outside and go to a park everyday for couple of hours – but I definitely need to build myself a fort, hopefully when I move to my home in September. It will probably be impossible to do it like the photos as I need to have the built-in space but still, what can’t you do with pillows and a wall?

reading space2 reading space3 reading space5 reading space6 reading space8 reading space9image source: pinterest


  1. Love these spaces. I can’t get enough of reading nooks. One day hopefully I’ll have space for one!

  2. candyflossequations says

    You know beanbags are great for snuggling into and dissapearing from the outside world, if your new place doesn’t have an alcove built in.

  3. These are great. Definitely food for thought for the passive house we’re building currently. Not finished yet but need to think ahead with these sorts of things 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Definitely want to curl up and finish re-reading The Great Gatsby instead of working today! I had a family member make me a nice reading chair once when I was younger, at the time I couldn’t appreciate but now I would love nothing more than to create a reading corner in my apt!

    -Rochelle ❤ (

  5. rebelpetal says

    Love these spaces, so my style too!! Makes me want to go to the local book store and pick out a few and relax!!

  6. Serenity says

    These are all great spaces. Perfect for reading, blogging, writing, or just chilling out with a great cup of coffee. 🙂

  7. Serenity says

    Reblogged this on Serenity's Musings and commented:
    These are all great spaces. Perfect for reading, blogging, writing, or just chilling out with a great cup of coffee.

  8. Just did a post on encouraging parents to create reading corners for summer. If all of us could do these rooms, how lovely life could be!!!! Inspiring photographs:)

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