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Everlasting Gatsby

??????????????? miafarrow in great gatsby20s (3) I don’t get why the most glamourous fashion movement ever went out of style at some point, like why don’t we wear pearl and rhinestone headpieces, flapper dresses and feather coverups all year long? No other decade could top the 20’s, and I don’t believe anything else will be able to. I’m just like Gil in Midnight in Paris, hopelessly stuck in the era – luckily for the past 2 years we are able to adjust and keep it alive thanks to the vicious cycle of fashion and also to The Great Gatsby the most.

I still haven’t watched the movie, which kept us waiting for more than a year, it still haven’t opened in Canada – but we’ve all been exposed to its fashion excessively, something I’m not sure if is good for the movie or not. But what I’m sure is that it works very well with our wedding – prom season gusto. Let’s embrace this magnificent era in every way possible – headbands, jewelry, dresses, shoes, bags and more…

1) 1920’s Inspired Art Deco Flapper Headpiece – $456.44 CAD

2) Miss Selfridge Embellished Flapper Dress – £129.00

3) MANGO TOUCH Beads bucket bag – $129.99

4) 20’s beaded flapper dress – $920.88 CAD

5) Lulu Frost Silvertone Drift Cuff – $240.00

6) JC Penney Cultured Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace – $130.72 CAD

7) Cathy Waterman Diamond Double Earrings – $1,910.00

8) Intricate 1920’s Beaded Dress – $823.13 CAD

9) Infinately Beaded 20’s Dress – $2,100.00

10) BHLDN Luna Bracelet – $170.00

11) Aurélie Bidermann Miki 18-karat gold plated braided necklace – £920.00

12) ASOS Jewelled Chandelier Earrings – $33.25

13) 20s Art Deco Beaded Chiffon Dress With Plunging Bustline – $905.44 CAD

14) 1920’s Inspired Art Deco Flapper Ostrich Feather Forehead Band Headpiece – $552.53 CAD

15) Marc Jacobs Mary Jane Pump – $690.00

16) ASOS Needle & Thread Lunar Midi Dress – $290.94

17) MOYNA Coin Tassel Clutch – CA$ 181.72

18) Silver Grey Ostrich Feather Wrap – $287.07 CAD

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  1. Thank you for posting this up as I’m going to a great gatsby theme night this Friday and have no clue what to wear! Xx

  2. I agree! Nothing beats the 20’s! The Gatsby look is so elegant, classy, femenine, chic, lovely. You show the exact amount of skin without the need of being slutty. I’m definitely a pearls and intricate beaded dress kind of girl! Hope this trend lasts long~!

  3. Just love you also have content – great content – with your amazing style! Missing my turkish stylish friends =)

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  5. Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby is pure genius. It follows the book very well, but accomplishes what the written word can’t quite do – by putting a specific array of beautiful images and physical impressions in your memory. Loved all the casting, especially DiCaprio as Gatsby – and of course, the costuming! Leo looked great in the white suit and the pink pin-striped suit. And Carey looked great in the crystal flapper dress. Thanks for the post.

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