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The Silver Lining

thefashionmedleysilver4.jpg thefashionmedleysilver5.jpg thefashionmedleysilver9.jpgJust like the silver lining of every cloud, my wardrobe had this silver pleated skirt for more than a year – patiently waiting for the glorious day to be worn. It was knee length but I turned it into a mini; since I don’t have a skinny body knee length skirts that are not flare really don’t work for me. Anyways, for one year I have tried to wear this skirt with basically everthing in my wardrobe and for every occasion possible but I always felt something was not right. Then I bought this sweater from Zara, which has the perfect loose end and graphic detail I needed to casualize the look. After that the only problem was the shoes – I didn’t want to wear white or black (or red for that matter), enter freakishly cheap Forever21 blue pumps. I can’t say that they are particularly comfortable, but at least they look lovely.

thefashionmedleysilver.jpg thefashionmedleysilver3.jpg thefashionmedleysilver7.jpg Black and white sweater Zara

Silver pleated skirt H&M (altered)

Blue pumps Forever21

Sunglasses Mango

Bag Zara


  1. I always ‘oooh’ at pretty skirts like these in shops but never know how to wear them. Nice job, you look great!

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