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Keep The Socks On

29-christianv-filio2-paris-web 381parisd2octwt10wp mcx-milan-street-style-143-xlnAt least for a little while more; you know the weather is chilly and it’s good for your health and apparently it’s best for the sake of your style. Let’s discuss the most man-repeller looking but on the contrary the most man-arousing thing on earth: ankle socks with heels. (It probably has something to do with the high school – lolita thing, I don’t know.)

My first and last experience with the trend was in 2010 at Milan Fashion Week; I wore my gray ankle socks with my tan Zara lace up wedges and frankly they attracted quite the attention. I remember finding the rest of my outfit dull and the first thing that came into my head in terms of popping up the look was to wear a pair of socks. It was a success that day with a bunch of street style photographers circling around my feet (the street style scene wasn’t as crazy back then as it is now, but there were still a handful of photographers); but I never tried to channel that look again. Aaah the youth.

Now that I started seeing ankle socks with pumps again (and of course there are the Prada tabis or shoes with built in socks and etc) it made me wonder if I should give it a try again. The safest way is to – of course – wear black on black to give the sheer bootie look. I’ve recently purchased a trio of polka dot sheer pairs from H&M and I’m still trying to distinguish the line between incredibly fashionable and tacky freak. If I can’t get myself to try them again I will have three really pretty pair of ankle socks to wear at night. It’s a valid reason to have a pajama party at age 26, I think.

2063_2 2254-Natalie-Joos-by-Hanneli-Mustaparta-818x521 5157 80811Blanca_3986Web 228281_980 233209_980 40321359134131406_ZmTBKyIS_c Bermuda-shorts-Culottes-FW13-Fashion-Week-Paris-New-York-Milan-20130325_0009-628x1024 EleonoraCarisi tiffanyhsu-modelimage sources: refinery29, stockholm street style, harper’s bazaar, pinterest


  1. I have always been critisized for wearing socks with courts but this shows it is on trend, it makes your ankles look slimmer and legs more girly! xx

  2. This is such a fun, fashion forward trend. I would just caution that this works best on modelesque figures as it breaks up the leg (and thus creates a shortening illusion) and can make calves look bigger.

  3. I’ve been wearing socks with pumps and ankle boots for a long time and I always get critiqued for it. I’m so happy to have read this, it gives me so much courage to continue defying society without being a complete fashion disaster. Thank you. Xoxo

  4. Antome says

    I don’t agree with it breaking the legs, and I’m a boy.
    I think it’s really stylish, and flattering to your ankle as Sarah says, but only given you are comfortable with the look and are up to the chalange, i suggest just thinking at the socks as a nifty accessory, as an anklet or as an ankle boot, if you are comfy with an ankle boot, why not with an ankle sock with a nice heel, flat, or wedge?

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