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The New Baroque

tfmbaroque6.jpgtfmbaroque8.jpg tfmbaroque.jpg If someone told me 3 years ago that I would gladly wear a gold jacquard bomber jacket with floral (baroque) prints I would most definately LOL and object to it body and soul (like I always do against some stupid things); but what the last few years have taught me is: 1) fashion really does change faster than sound, 2) I, as well as my style, have grown and am open to every style challange as long as it fits my body and I can blend it into my own “rights”.

On a side note; I am ecstatical to have finally worn my favourite pair of pumps again, even more happy that they are still so fashionable. Why wouldn’t they be you might ask, but they are more white than my actual bridal shoes so I don’t know how long this “white” craze is going to go. In the meantime, I am going to go overboard (fair warning).

tfmbaroque5.jpgtfmbaroque2.jpgtfmbaroque4.jpg  Gold floral baroque bomber jacket – H&M

Gray sweater – Zara

Boyfriend jeans – Mango

White pumps – Zara

Dark grey bag – Zara

Gold choker – H&M

Purple quartz necklace – Urban Outfitters


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    This a great outfit, personally I find wearing white pumps even more daring than the bomber jacket 🙂 Fashion is indeed craaazy! xx

  2. Great outfit! One of the best changes in fashion over the past few years is that people don’t play by the rules as much anymore – as long as it suits you, it works! And that certainly suits you 🙂

  3. I love how girly and fun this outfit is. You have such an amazing sense of style and I love how you combine different pieces that might not look like they would go together on a hanger. I’ll have to try your boyfriend jeans and heels combo soon!

  4. Some time ago, just like you, I would also look at jacquard as my grandmother`s destiny. But after trying on some trousers or skirts combined with “much yonger looking” sweaters or tops, I’ve realized how much I was wrong. So I’ve learned to give a thing a try before judging it 😉

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