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thefashionmedleyla6.jpgthefashionmedleyla9.jpgthefashionmedleyla15.jpg Says my “LA” t-shirt cynically, sneaking a peek under my wool jacket (though it kinda looks sad, doesn’t it? It thinks it doesn’t belong here. Just like my chinos, who are destined to be worn with sandals.) It was 2 degrees today (20th April), I’m sorry I know I’m like an annoying weather report but I want to write this down somewhere as evidence or for future referance. I think god is punishing me for all the pre-season shopping I made.

thefashionmedleyla4.jpg thefashionmedleyla10.jpgthefashionmedleyla11.jpg thefashionmedleyla13.jpgLA t-shirt – Topshop

Wool two toneblazer – H&M

Beige chinos – Zara

Black suede wedges – Zara

Grey huge leather clutch – Vintage


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    Hang on in there, there will be better days to come, where sandals and shorts will be the rule 🙂 Great outfit, nice choice of the red cargo on the side, gives a very nice touch of colour!

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