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Lash Out

c1ac1da036ce452cce1527a26d5e181e 56b8e1033d498ce07d63d37a50bc35e5lashes I wish I was one of those people who can create make up tutorials that women would go gaga over, but unfortunately I am the one who keeps strolling the internet to find some tips. I know not everyone is born equally lucky when it comes to perfect skin, almond eyes, fleshy lips, a retrousse nose, impeccable cheeckbones and snow white smooth under eyes. But as womankind, we have something to be thankful for all our lives: the socially acceptable ability (or even obligation) to put on make up!

I know it sucks to spend 20 minutes of your precious morning time (time which you can spend sleeping – that’s how precious it is) and it’s a complete oxymoron to try looking like you have no make up on. So as a compromise; I suggest loading up on mascara. Just put the proper foundation if you need any, add a peachy blush & neutral lip gloss and let your lashes do all the talking for you.

I personally have used various mascaras in the past, but since I only want definite split lashes I use silicone brushes only. My very last weapon of choice is MAC Studio Fix Boldblack Lash (boldblack is just to give a little more drama). If you want them to be thicker and more theatrical, I can suggest Lancôme Hypnose or Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils (both are awarded products btw). My knowledge of make up can only lead me up to this point in this post; I am open to all kinds of other make up tricks – let’s enlighten each other!

tumblr_llhenqZKC71qfkqo0o1_500.png e7c958f4bacf8855ff322286a03d440f df824761052ff0cdb440527be0a27dab c87250234d5b9a2fc66db7de80abd6b3 a8dab7eb91a9a833144d1fc7ecc58510 c1d1e0d0daeeb4b9742da14edbb66eb7image source: pinterest


  1. I am just like you – I only like definite split lashes. I really get nervous when my lashes become thick, I don`t know, why. Mascara that I really love (though, you almost don`t see or feel it) is Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara by Esteé Lauder.
    What I`m really in love with and want to learn to use is eyeliner. Shamefully, I just had bad experience with it before.

    • If you are nervous about using eyeliner, start which a kohl pencil, and just close your eye, pull it to the side slightly and draw a line across, whilst holding the pencil to the side, and its much easier to take off if you do it wrong 🙂

    • Actually the only thing i am an expert in is the eyeliner 🙂 i mastered even the liquid eyeliners, and i can tell you that its all about practice! Close your eye, put your elbows somewhere for support and with your non-eyeliner holding hand pull your eyelid to the side. You will get better eventually 🙂

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  2. I love the effect of highlighting the inner corner of the eye has its so pretty. I personally am scared of using blush because I have a round face so, instead I love a good contour. I have quite long lashes so I liked them to be curled and look full so, I use maybelline the falsies or maybelline cat eye mascara, if I want the outer corner lashes to be more fanned out.

  3. Although I haven’t tried, I know many people who get lash extensions and they look fabulous! Only downfall is they can be costly but that helps to give you more time to sleep in and have that ‘natural’ looking make up!

    Right now I’m using MakeUp Forever’s mascara and I love it. I use two coats to make my eyes stand out more. Worth a try! Good luck! 🙂

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