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Pack Your Bags

url 7150771633_fd7427be83_b paperbag (2)It’s officially time to picnic! Ok maybe we still have to wear coats, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the lunchtime outside at a parc; birds singing, lovers kissing, the fresh smell of pot (ah spring in Montreal)…

This paper bag trend Raf Simons had launched in Jil Sander is probably one of the most genious things I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s literally a daytime clutch and you can actually carry your lunch in it! Please excuse my excitement when it comes to food. For those of you who think paper bag is a little too much, I’ve found some lovely leather and suede alternatives. Check it out, get yours, pack your bags and meet me somewhere under the sun!

1) Marie Turnor The Snak in Metallic – $105.00

2) Light Brown Leather Paper Bag – $130.00

3) Leather Paper Bag in Cobalt Blue – $75.00

4) Adaism Saco Del Papel Grande in Black – €189.00

5) Waxed Canvas ad Leather Lunch Bag Black on Black – $50.00

6) Marie Turnor The Lunch in Mint Pebble – $200.00

7) Adaism Saco Del Papel Grande in Pure – €189.00

8) Leather Lunch Bag in Red – $40.00

9) Charcoal Gray Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag – $63.00

10) Paper Bag in Ostrich Leather – €38.00

Picture-6-636x476 HallieDaily-Camel-Coat-n-Paper-Bag_1 chanel-paper-bagimage sources:, a pair and a spare


  1. Serenity says

    Love the newspaper one because it doesn’t look like your typical lunch bag 🙂

  2. Hahah I love this! I can’t believe fashion got inspired by packed lunch bags! I guess I can feel fashionable when I go to lunch now:)

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