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Hey There Coachella!

hbz-Coachella-street-style-041513-02-lgn hbz-coachella-street-style-041213-15-lgn coachella-street-style-7_143405765521Meanwhile it is still snowing in Canada…

ANYWAY, the torture is not over yet cause we have another weekend to go. Though I believe that all the big guns attended the festival this weekend so we’re (a little bit more) good to go. To be honest I was getting seriously annoyed of all the “festival dressing code” crap; you know with the floral headbands and fringed vests, but this year I was pleasantly surprised to see more unique and refreshing outfits. Click through to see (lots) more (and curse your unhappy, cold, hard working life)!

hbz-coachella-street-style-041313-REVOLVEparty-lgn hbz-coachella-street-style-041313-LeandraMedineLACOSTE-lgn hbz-coachella-street-style-041313-LACOSTEparty-lgn solange tallulahwillis sophia-bertolani-student nate-music-licensing skye-battles-photographer rameet-chawla-app-designer kristina-disher-body-piercer margarita-obrien-advertisting lauren-johnson-student jawni-vidal-retail katebosworth2 katebosworth image04 image24 image05 hbz-Coachella-street-style-041513-01-lgn hbz-Coachella-street-style-041513-05-lgn hbz-coachella-street-style-041213-09-lgn hbz-coachella-street-style-041313-LACOSTEparty8-lgn diane felicity-sargent-definerapp diane2 dennis-murphy-bartender coachella-street-style-14_143352305971 coachella-street-style-2A_14340042832 coachella-street-style-5_143403395421 coachella-street-style-3_143401465365 betsy-wheelock-manager christina-richardson-Student blas-flores-social-media alessandra amy-knutson-student ali-gruber-student aj-espinosa-studentimage sources:, harpers bazaar, refinery29,, the cut


  1. youre right! So mutch more refreshing! ^^ My favorite was the floral shirt with short top. She looked so girly and cool! ^^

  2. supportthebride says

    Best look by far IMO is the girl with the huge pearl beaded sunglasses, white cut out/lace blouse and patterned grey shorts 💜

  3. Wow. You managed to find some great photos. I got so bored navigating for two days through the selection of Coachella best dressed.Thanks for sharing!

  4. lots of great outfits. Thanks for sharing. I agree with support the bride….girl with pearl sunglasses is by far the best dressed, IMO.

  5. Yeah I agree that there are too many “standard Coachella uniforms” out there. It’s nice to see some variety!

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