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Orient Express

orient inspired editorialsorient on the runway orient shoppingIf I were to make a public opinion poll (among fashion public of course) about the biggest trend that is taking hold of our wardrobes and magazine pages; the answer would be obvious: modern minimalism. (Gotch’ya.) But if I were to ask the most powerful influence on fabrics, cuts and prints; the answer is inarguably the oriental inspiration.Whether you associate it with satin, dragons, assymetrical skirts, getas, floral embroideries, kimonos, sumo belts or chopsticks – it has probably already had you under its spell.

While – I have to admit yet again – Zara has everything you can search for; I recommend you to hit etsy or local vintage shops for genuine kimonos. If you are ready to splurge; Haider Ackermann and Damir Doma are, in my opinion, the leaders of the trend this season. There are also the Prada shoes, but… you know, I can not ask anyone to grab a pair and wear them to..well..anywhere. Kudos to people who can pull THAT off, meanwhile, let’s see my little shopping guide for asian inspired fashion (and some street style photos from the pros to guide through the way.)

1) ZARA Oriental Print Shirt – 59.90 CAD

2) Damir Doma Jutuva Jacket – £1,108.00

3) Vintage Silk Floral Kimono – $128.00

4) Zara Jacquard Mini Skirt – 79.90 CAD

5) Three Floor Fashion Good To Be Bad Skirt – £110.00

6) Haider Ackermann Rimbaud Kimono Coat – £1,649.00

7) Haider Ackermann Florain Jacket – £1,274.00

8) Vintage 1970s white orient flower boho dress – $78.00

9) Zara Wrap White Mini Skirt – 49.90 CAD

10) Zara Braided Platform Sandals – 89.90 CAD

11) TOPSHOP Premium Bird Embroidered Shirt – £65.00

0400005000_1_1_2_web 9ddb58e14289a56e_New_York_str_RF14_2080.xxxlarge 1302112305_hg_full_l eceproenza1 image_005 image sources: visual optimism,, zara people,


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