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09potm-prabal-slide-V5O3-jumbo 10potmwang-slide-VICG-jumbodailyshoe-blog480 I thought this casual friday would be a perfect day to reminiscence (because it’s been so long since it ended) the best moments of fashion month. My favourite snaps are always the backstage shoots; they are more candid and they capture the most exciting moments & striking details.

09potm-prabal-slide-H4OM-jumbo 10potmlam-slide-9ZVB-jumbo 10potmlam-slide-UQL3-jumbo 11potm-hilfiger-slide-8OFY-jumbo 12potm-carolinaherrera-slide-0IKR-jumbo 12potm-lim-slide-U343-jumbo 11potm-hilfiger-slide-JDZP-jumbo 12potm-theysken-slide-VI9G-jumbo 12som-ioulex-slide-IHSK-jumbo 12potm-lim-slide-XV6Y-jumbo 12som-ioulex-slide-OBLX-jumbo 12som-ioulex-slide-XVYR-jumbo 13potm-kors-slide-VE8T-jumbo 13potm-narciso-slide-HAJV-jumbo 13potm-narciso-slide-VGR3-jumbo 13potm-rodarte-slide-48R1-jumbo 13potm-rodarte-slide-XJKZ-jumbo 16potm-sister-slide-XV88-jumbo 17potm-mulberry-slide-A8YM-jumbo 19potm-erdem-slide-2UEK-jumbo 19potm-erdem-slide-RIWA-jumbo 19potm-jwanderson-slide-G2W2-jumbo 19potm-ostwald-slide-0DLQ-jumbo 19potm-rocha-slide-MCMN-jumbo 21ptom-fendi-slide-3J8U-jumbo 23potm-bottega-slide-IRLC-jumbo 23potm-jilsander-slide-P3S8-jumbo a_5x marcjacobs prabal rickowens thombrowneimage sources: the cut, ny times fashion


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