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Lonely Boy

elifplaid2.jpg eliffurshoe.jpg elifplaid4.jpgSometimes I wonder how my lack of femininity is affecting the perception of the people around me. As a girl, I was always told that I should be pretty yet somehow (every so often) I find it hard to add that feminine touch and I’m not sure if that’s ok because I am not that “boyish” a person (aside from the eternal love of football and loving the man-chat so much more than girly giggles). That “when in doubt, overdress” saying is just working on the reverse for me, I keep getting more and more simple and manly. Is it the weather, the comfort? The need not to attract so much attention? Or do I simply want to dress like a boy? (insert the story here about me wanting to buy a wienie from the “wienie store” when I was little) (now forget what you’ve just read in the previous paranthesis).

elifplaid.jpg elifplaid3.jpg eliffur2.jpgZara plaid shirt & fur sneakers, Oysho white mohair sweater, H&M jacket and faux leather trousers


  1. Love this post, I always feel the same and I have a pixie cut! I’ve somehow convinced myself that growing my nails makes up for this ‘lack of’ femininity though..

  2. sheishypoxicandlost says

    You are gorgeous 🙂 When the pressure is on to dress more feminine, just add heels to this outfit and it is awesome!

  3. I love your style! I’m currently writing my final thesis for university on androgyny in Western culture – would you be interested in answering a few questions for me? It’s interesting to read that you are questioning your own clothing choices and maybe the questions I ask will be thought-provoking for you too 🙂

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