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If You Can’t Wear ‘Em, Snap ‘Em

sandalstfmshirts tfmpeachIt was -10 in Montréal today (yeah you read it right, -10 in April) so I had no choice but to cry a little bit and desperately line up my new sandals (buying sandals is like buying space suits for me, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to wear them but it’s nice to have the faith) and stare at them blankly for several minutes. Then I wanted to take their photo so that I can look at them with the same vacancy whenever I feel cold to my very core (you know that the photo has already become my wallpaper, don’t you?), later on I took it to another level and decided to do a little photonovel of all the things sheer and summery – luckily I came around and stopped after few photos.

Summer can not come here fast enough!

Sandals (from left to right) Zara, Topshop, Mango; Plaid shirt Zara, Square print shirt Need Supply, Necklace from an Etsy shop, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre


  1. Serenity says

    Love the sandals! I can envision then looking pretty happening with those plaid shirts. I too, cannot wait for the warmer temperatures! It has been wayyy too long. Idk how far behind in the season you are compared to us. Supposedly, we have until Thursday till we start hitting the 50Fs and then it is all uphill from there! I hope you get the warmer weather soon, dear! I know we truly deserve it after this horrid, cold winter we have had. I cannot wait to slip into one of my summer dresses myself 🙂

  2. Thanks to all the comments you guys, it feels better to know that everybody around the world is going through the same stuff 🙂 I can hold on a little bit longer!

  3. As (almost) every girl feels, shoes are a must have. I cannot explain to you the number of shoes I own that I will never wear in my life. Some times its just nice to look at them, maybe wear them around the house and then place them neatly back into your closet where they will stay. It may be not be -10 where I live, but the weather here is winter and then summer every other week, so my confusion and desire for it to just stay warm is the same as yours. Bring on the summer weather!

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