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Girl Crush: Pernille Teisbæk

Pernille Teisbæk2Pernille Teisbæk3 Pernille Teisbæk11Pernille Teisbæk is a former Danish fashion director to several magazines and model (actually she still works as one, right now she is modelling for Vera Moda’s “very” campaign) who now works as fashion editor of the danish magazine EUROWOMAN and a freelance stylist. Her style caught my attention almost 2 years ago during LondonFashion Week but I had no idea who she was, then at a godly moment I discovered her blog (little kids don’t get as happy when they are gifted toys as when I find out that a woman with a continuously inspiring style has her own fashion blog). Her Scandinavian nonchalant vibe and killer body are so not one of the main reasons that I become giddy when I see her, but also her ability to masterfully mix prints and play with proportions while maintaining a perfectly balanced masculine style  impress me a lot. It’s because of her that I’m delibaretly searching for the perfect pair of black bermuda shorts!

Pernille Teisbæk Pernille Teisbæk5 Pernille Teisbæk6 Pernille Teisbæk7 Pernille Teisbæk8 Pernille Teisbæk4 Pernille Teisbæk9 Pernille Teisbæk10 Pernille Teisbæk13 Pernille Teisbæk14 Pernille Teisbæk15 Pernille Teisbæk16 Pernille Teisbæk17image sources: look de pernille, stockholm street style, we the people, a love is blind

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